Dear Members,


First of all Thanks, for being with us. We all have come here and gathered to proves that we do same things though we work different & do anything  different from each other but our mind and heart are going on  the same direction. Our goal is same & we'll reach it.


• First look on organization :


First of all it was just in our dreams that we can have an association. We started thinking upon our dreams. We gathered group of  people & started  telling about them. It took many small meetings with a great discussion & many ideas about everyone. Than we started with a goal to make an association which will help all the people to come a step ahead. One day dreams came true. On the auspicious day of 3rd January 2010 dreams came into  reality.  We  established an association with a name called SOUTH GUJARAT PLASTIC MANUFACTURER'S ASSOCIATION. (SGPMA)


• Seminar on MSME & SIDBI:


On  2nd  October 2010 we came up with a seminar on MSME & SIDBI, (SGCC1) at "Surat people's hall" at Samrrudhi, Surat. It was a seminar on "OPPORTUNITY IN PLASTIC PROCESSING & GOVERNMENT SCHEMES FOR MSME". With a great enthusiasm all members attended the seminar & got to know about the MSME & SIDBI.


• Member's Directory:


After success of our seminar we decided to took our member one more step closer by making MEMBER'S directory which includes all the possible information about every member. It was quite difficult to get all the  information about every single member of our association.  And  finally we came up with our member's directory which is included with all the possible information about them. Hope you like it.


Our organization is working constantly so that all of us  come  and  work together. Its really hard for us to manage it. Though we're trying to manage it. And at last after a long break we succeed in it.


In future we're thinking to save nature and go for BIO PLASTIC.  All your suggestions and ideas are welcomed by us. And take constant part in our Programs it'll help you a lot. And try to be in contact with our member and committee members too.